2nd Consortium Meeting of MaDiTraCe ...

03 Apr 2024

MaDiTraCe PROJECT participated in EU Supercluster Lapland Geoconference on the 30th and 31st of October in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Our partner Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) represented by Quentin Dehaine, presented an approach to Geochemical material fingerprinting for tracking raw material flows in complex supply chains. The MaDiTraCe project also took part in a poster exhibition in which the partners from GTK and ISMC shared information about the project to all interested participants.

Hosted by the EIS project, the event was an opportunity for MaDiTraCe and other projects to connect and create synergies in the field of Critical Raw Materials.

The EU Supercluster Lapland Geoconference organised together with 23 different EU-funded raw materials projects, was one of the biggest clustering events in Europe during 2023. Thank you again for such a great event!

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