MaDiTraCe at the RE-SOURCING conference 2023

04 Oct 2023

The MaDiTraCe project was at the RE-SOURCING conference in Vienna, to introduce the work carried out by the project over the past year. The partners of MaDiTraCe spoke on a range of different topics focusing on Critical Raw Materials, including traceability and certification into a digital product passport.

Daniel Monfort, from BRGM and the coordinator of MaDiTraCe provided an overview of the project, with additional presentations from amongst others, the DMT GROUP on the CERA 4in1 certification and The University of Leoben on its natural graphite case study.

The event was an important opportunity for the MaDiTraCe project to inform about raw materials, traceability, and digitalisation as well as to connect with institutions, industry, and the academic sector.

An approach to CRMS traceability and certification into a digital product passport – MaDiTraCe

Global commodity flows and regulatory frameworks pertaining to critical raw materials (CRMs) are high on the European economic and political agenda. Companies are also facing increased pressure to responsibly extract, process and source materials as initiatives such as the EU Battery regulation and the EU Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence come into force. This makes standardised certification schemes, transparent and secure traceability, and decentralised confidential data handling imperative. The Horizon Europe project MaDiTraCe aims to provide tools and solutions in this topic.
Tags:  Digital Product Passports Raw materials